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What is your concern? The Maryland Hunting Coalition can help.
Not all concerns faced by an individual, group and/or organization involving hunting issues in Maryland require a statutory remedy - meaning, the introduction of a bill into the General Assembly. Indeed, the issue might be resolvable through an administrative, regulatory and/or budgetary act.

The Coalition anticipates many hunting-related questions will be aimed at local government.

Generally speaking, the Coalition does not involve itself in local hunting proposals in the Halls of Annapolis. Generally, statutory proposals of a local nature are afforded "local courtesy" by the General Assembly. But, the Coalition will make its position known when asked by some lawmakers. Our relationship with the bi-partisan Maryland Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus is often deemed critical to the outcome of a statewide and/or local issue.
The Coalition's Advocate, and our Members, have decades of collective experience in Annapolis in order to properly advise an individual, group or organization with an interest in securing a desired policy-related outcome. To illustrate, you can view the background and successes of our advocate on the Coalition's website. (See below)

Here's how.
Arrange an hour-long meeting with us so we can hear first-hand what the concern is all about. You will be asked to provide an initial consultation fee of two hundred and fifty dollars. This exchange will result in a proposed action for your consideration. If you agree with our suggested strategy, then we can jointly decide whether or not you want to pursue this strategy on your own or contract with the Coalition to help resolve the issue.
Tangibles include, but are not limited to, developing proposed legislation, budget language, Memorandum of Agreement, and an analytical perspective commonly known as a White Paper.
We stand ready to be of any assistance deemed of interest to you and/or your organization, assuming the issue is of a hunting-related nature. And, we are confident we can agree upon mutually acceptable financial terms commensurate with a time-sensitive strategy to resolve your concern.

Need more?
We have decades of experience in Annapolis. You can view the background and successes of our advocate here. (Click here)

Contact the Maryland Hunting Coalition or 410-382-9481.